2018 APPROVED: League Table Points for Secondary Schools

This qualification is recognised by the national government framework, and as such can be administered to the pupils of a school to award them with an official GCSE grade. This online training counts towards school points and can be used in application forms for higher education, as well as meeting requirements for employment in organisations such as the NHS.

As this course is a recognised qualification most schools can administer their own exams for the official certification, however we can organise this process for any organisation or school that needs an external body to administer their official exams. We can administer exams in house, on the grounds of an organisation, or externally at one of our exam centres located around the UK.


Our costs vary according on the number of students and locations that are being taught, for a free valuation specific to your organisation’s needs please call one of our expert training advisors.

As our courseware is built in house by our team of tutors we can give you the best price on the market, stop paying for the privilege of a middle man and save your budget by coming directly to the organisation that develops the training program.

We also offer a variety of packages that change the way your organisation receives support and tutoring, this means you can cherry pick a training package that suits your needs, meaning you only pay for the services you need.

Benefits for the:

The online nature of our interactive training program provides students with an active training environment where they can learn in a rewarding and efficient manner.

The level 2 exams counts on league table reports, with the level 2 exam being equivalent to a GCSE C - A* grade.

If students are unable to pass a level 2 exam our online coursework can still be utilised, allowing them to attain a level 1 certification, which is equivalent to a G - D grade.

For more information, contact our training advisor.

Students only need to sit one final exam for their qualification, saving on teaching time, lesson planning and the marking of coursework.

Our online training systems automatically track student’s progress, allowing teachers to retain complete oversight on their pupils and their strengths and weaknesses.

We have covered all of the lessons and training for the final exams, meaning teachers will be able to dedicate their time to assisting learners individually in the classroom.

We keep all evidentiary work completed by your students permanently trackable, meaning you can pull up evidence of your student’s knowledge even after the course has been completed.

Certificates can be re-issued at any time.

For more information, contact our training advisor.

Timed exercises, quizzes and extensive reporting tools for all students – meaning that teachers do not need to spend hours marking work or laying out lesson plans.

All students receive an interactive training experience.

Self-marking coursework.

Evidence of all student’s progress through the exam objectives presented in one easy to manage online portal.

For more information, contact our training advisor.

How this works / how to deliver it in a classroom:

Students log on to their own unique account to begin studying the course.

When they have completed each module they complete quizzes and tasks to reinforce the learning objectives of each module.

After completing all of the modules and quizzes on the online portal students will sit a final in house exam to gain their GCSE.

For more information, contact our training advisor.

Schools must provide their OFSTED report, to ensure that they are eligible to run the course.

Provide information on how many students are planning to enrol to the online training system each year.

The school will then receive a live demonstration of the system and how admin portals work.

Finally, plan and implement a rollout to students.

For more information, contact our training advisor.

Setup learners up with the resources at the start of a class and allow the pupils to progress through their training, freeing up the teacher to visit pupils individually.

Print out and review student results, if a student needs to retake the course they can revisit modules as many times as required.

Once students have finished teachers can upload the score sheet to the TLM system immediately.

Invigilate the final exams.

Issue a certification with a unique and secure QR code for each student.

For more information, contact our training advisor.

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