Independent Students

We offer Superb quality training materials which are also used by international clients including many organizations and leading educational establishments. Used by freelance trainers, schools, colleges, universities, government, hospitals, company training departments and commercial training companies across the world.

School Curriculum

Competence with computers is now an essential skill for anyone at school, college, university, or employed in a modern workplace. Users that can navigate computers with confidence can use a PC to communicate effectively and can gain access to an almost infinite wealth of resources via the internet.


This qualification is recognised by the national government framework, and as such can be administered to the pupils of a school to award them with an official GCSE grade. This online training counts towards school points and can be used in application forms for higher education, as well as meeting requirements for employment in organisations such as the NHS.

We can provide the tools need for you to get qualified within your own home - no test center needed! If you have a child under the age of 16 that are being home-schooled, we can provide you with the essential needs to get GCSE qualified.


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